Annette Goodheart's Course

in Copenhagen,

30 April - 4 May, 2007

Laughter Coach 1, 30 April - 4 May, 2007,
Lyngby Kulturhus, Kongens Lyngby, Copenhagen
9am - 5pm daily, with breaks for fruits

This is the basic prerequisite course as a vital and qualifying tool to becoming a certified Laughter Coach.It will give you a deeper understanding and insight in the healing qualities and functions of laughter.

More info:
Annette Goodheart, Psychologist has 37 years of experience as a Laughter Therapist. She has a deep understanding, knowledge and experience of the mechanisms and effects of laughter at work. Annette is the founder of Laughter Therapy and Laughter Coaching and author of "Laughter Therapy; How to laugh about everything in your life that isn’t really funny". The premise of the book is that laughter is a natural given process for our health and well being and that there does not need to be a special reason to laugh. Annette argues that we do not even need to be happy or to have a sense of humour, to laugh. Laughter is simply one of the ways in which to release tensions.
Throughout our history various notions and attitudes have influenced the way we regard laughter, particularly in our western culture, thus blocking a full and natural expression of laughter. Annette Goodheart encourages us to support each other and ourselves by allowing ourselves to laugh when we feel down and miserable. If we allow ourselves to accept this attitude, we will open unimaginable possibilities to enjoy the enormous power of laughter. We can ask ourselves: What do I need to laugh about in my life right now? By laughing about our problems, we release the tensions around them. Our perspective changes towards the problems and we can become more creative in our attempt to solve them. This is a useful and essential tool in our life. Annette, well known globally, teaches and trains at universities, high schools, companies, organizations and public events worldwide.

Dr. Annette Goodheart's work and book, are an inspiration for people globally who need more laughter in their lives.

To laugh becomes a way to live!

Now in Denmark, we can offer you a unique opportunity and possibility to:

1. Learn more about the power of laughter

2. Become a Laughter Coach by participating in active training from Annette Goodheart (please see course description below)
The first course towards becoming a Laughter Coach (“Laughter for Living 1”) can be taken by anyone who wants to learn more about how to use laughter for themselves and/or for others.

The first course, outlined below specifically offers you the chance to:

1. Take the first step to becoming a qualified Laughter Coach.
As a Laughter Coach you would be able to offer individual sessions to clients, helping them to laugh (or cry) about their specific issues or problems, dissolving emotions such as tension, frustration or even pain.

2. Extend your already existing methods, techniques and tools.

This is especially useful and relevant for those working in the fields of coaching, psychotherapy, social work and teaching

3. Increase your own unique laughter skills and knowledge.
If you are already a natural laughter leader the teaching of Annette Goodheart will offer the chance for you to further deepen your knowledge and to develop your work. You will have greater possibilities to work with laughter on a completely different level than today.

The Laughter Coach Certification Program is divided into 3 courses, 1 week each, with about 7 month in between for practice.

For more information about Laughter Coaching;

At your service
John Lansner, mail: or phone: +45 40 15 96 89
Pauline Salzer, mail: or phone: +46 70 781 20 20
Hanne Gottlieb, mail: or phone: +45 40 25 67 13

Some comments from earlier participants:

'The course has deepened my view of laughter and broadened my way of working. Now I always relate to Annette Goodheart's ideas and approach on laughter's purpose when I give seminars and work-shops on laughter.'

- Maria Öberg, Laughter-instructor, Health-educationalist, masseur and nurse, Sweden

‘The information obtained through this course added various new dimensions to my life - personally as well as professionally. I definitely will take all 3 courses. Annette Goodheart has a wonderful talent for laughter, is very knowledgeable and experienced - and a brilliant teacher.’

-Nina Schiøtz, Psychotherapist, Denmark

‘Laughter for living 1 - was for me an amazing, warm and deep experience. It opened my heart even more towards other people.
I realised that I have been my whole life far too serious and through this course you get an opportunity to learn how to deal with those things in life that really aren't funny in a very extraordinary way. I also realized that the rest of my life I will be "busy" with laughter to connect people more and more. It gives you the feeling that you really can mean something for somebody else in a very pleasant and respectful way.’

-Leen Van Gils, Laughterclub-coach, Weelde, Belgium