Laugh your way to health

· How can we help ourselves to laugh more in our daily lives?

· How do the traditional beliefs of laughter in our culture control
and stop laughter in its natural flow.

· What is the proper function of laughter and is it's role in

These are just a few of the topics which will be illuminated in the seminars and workshops with Annette Goodheart.

Laughter is innate - but in our culture with its myths of laughter its true expression gets restricted. Through laughter we release tensions and stress and become rebalanced, feeling lighter in body and mind. Laughter liberates the joy we carry within us. In our culture we carry a seriousness which controls and keeps away the clear-sightedness and joy we really consist of.
It is time for changing this now!

If you want to get more laughter into your life and recieve a deeper understanding of laughter's particular role we deeply recommend this opportunity. This course will will give you an important tool to be able to meet life's daily problems with more perspective and in a lighter way. It will give you a new way to act in life - laughter for living - which will give you more confidence and strength in life.

If you work as a psychotherapist, social worker, teacher or laughterinstructor these courses are highly recommended as a vital and qualifying tool with essential importance. They will give you a deeper understanding for and insight in the healing qualities and functions of laughter.

As a psychotherapist and social worker you will experience and learn about laughter as a powerful cathartic healing process that provides easy access to heavier emotional release.
By incorporating laughter into all aspects of your life you will increase your enjoyment with co-workers, employees, clients/patients, partners, spouses, friends… in dealing with heavier issues in one's life such as depression, divorce, life-threatening discease, sexual abuse, divorce and conflict, at the same time creating and maintaining a deep connecting bond.

As a teacher these courses will give you an experience of and knowledge about the functions of laughter which are very important for the students of today. Laughter creates a balance and harmony which enlightens the learning process and enhances creativity. Therefor it is important to support young people to keep their natural flow of laughter.

As a laughterinstructor you will get a unique possibility to develop in your work in quite new and different ways. Instead of being the one helping people getting started to laugh you will also be able to spread a deeper knowledge about laughter giving them tools for getting more laughter into their daily lives.
You will also have greater possibilities to work with laughter on a completely different level than today. As a Laughter Coach you would be able to offer other people individual sessions, helping them to laugh (or cry) about their specific problems, dissolving their tensions and pains.